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The Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center is home to over 30 small to mid-size companies. Current job openings for companies based at the Biotech Center are listed below.

Part-time or Full-time Laboratory Assistant

IO Biosciences

Posted: May 24, 2018

IO Biosciences, a gene-modified cell therapy company, is looking for a Laboratory Associate with mammalian cell culture and molecular biology experience. Required skills are: cell culture, cell transfection, stable cell line generation, DNA construct design and preparation, PCR technology, and sequencing. Experience with immuno-oncology assays, CRISPR, and stem cells are a plus. BA/BS, or equivalent, full-time or part time (50% or more).  Please contact Sicco Popma for more information @ 484 680 9357 or spopma@iobiosciences.com


Part-time Scientist or Medical Technician

VIAS Partners, LLC

Posted: May 16, 2018

VIAS Partners, LLC, is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of autologous, point-of-care systems in regenerative medicine.  Our lead project is to identify and optimize various technologies for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma from a small sample of blood.  To support this work, we are looking for a part-time scientist or medical technician that can analyze platelets by microscopic and automated methods.  We are also looking for a resource to measure growth factors and cytokine levels (VEGF, EGF,  TGF-β , PDGF) by ELISA.  We are also in the final stages of in-licensing a patent portfolio from GE Healthcare, and this will allow the work to expand in novel ways.  Should you have an interest in this project, or would like to discuss and exchange ideas, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Please contact Sanjay Batra, PhD, at sanjay@viaspartners.com or 215.862.5345.