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Internships and Apprenticeships

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The PA Biotechnology Center is dedicated to the future of education in life sciences, and is proud to host students at all education levels who are interested in science careers.  

The unique educational ecosystem of high school, college, and graduate students working at an entrepreneurial biotechnology center is unique opportunity for students looking to advance their laboratory experience and enhance their education.

Opportunities for High School Students

Summer High School Enrichment Program: Hosted by the Hepatitis B Foundation and  Baruch S. Blumberg Institute, area public high school students are invited to a two-week science enrichment program each summer. Designed for talented high school students interested in learning about research, biotechnology and public health, the program focuses on scientific exploration in the context of hepatitis B and liver cancer. Students gain a unique “hands on” experience at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center in state-of-the-art research labs under the guidance of senior scientists. In addition to lab research, students learn public health issues in research, enjoy guest lectures, and attend professional seminars. Students must be nominated by their high school teacher.

After School Science Enrichment Program: For high school students looking for a deeper-dive experience, there is also a year-round, after school program designed to advance the laboratory experience even further. Students must be willing to commit to 6 hours a week after school, for a minimum of 12 weeks. To read about the new SELF STEM initiative, a spinout program, click here.

Opportunities for College Students

Summer College Internship Program: The Hepatitis B Foundation’s College Internship provides a unique opportunity for college students in their junior or senior year who are considering graduate school, medical school, or industrial research careers, to spend 10 weeks in an innovative and educational program. The program is competitive. Applications are accepted from mid-December through mid-February each year.  

Naval Academy Cadet Program: The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute is proud to partner with the U.S. Naval Academy to train a cadet in Blumberg labs each summer.