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Companies Engaged in Hepatitis B Vaccine & Therapeutics R&D

You can track the stock prices of publicly traded companies engaged in hepatitis B vaccine and therapeutics research and development with our new and unique "stock ticker." Please note that all prices shown may be delayed up to half an hour.


HBRI - Hepatitis B Research Index   $539.90   -2.815% 
ALT - Altimmune, Inc.   $10.18   -6.820% 
ARWR - Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   $31.90   -5.230% 
ABUS - Arbutus Biopharma Corporation   $2.85   2.330% 
ASMB - Assembly Biosciences, Inc.   $22.33   -0.290% 
DRNA - Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   $20.00   -8.170% 
DVAX - Dynavax Technologies Corporation   $13.04   -0.530% 
ENTA - Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   $46.31   0.520% 
HEPA - Hepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   $0.46   3.430% 
NTLA - Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.   $50.71   -4.190% 
SBPH - Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   $1.46   -7.010% 
VIR - Vir Biotechnology, Inc.   $27.53   0.660% 
BBI - Brickell Biotech, Inc.   $0.91   -1.220% 

Publicly Traded Companies

Listed below are the publicly traded companies we are tracking. If you have another to suggest, please email

ABUS - Arbutus Biopharma Corporation

ALT - Altimmune Inc.

ARWR - Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc.

ASMB - Assembly Biosciences Inc.

BBI - Brickell Biotech Inc.

DRNA - Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc.

DVAX - Dynavax Technologies Corp.

ENTA - Enata Pharmaceuticals Inc.

HBRI - Hepatitis B Research Index
(market value-weighted representation of public companies listed)

HEPA - Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

NTLA - Intellia Therapeutics Inc.

SBPH - Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals Inc.

VICLBrickell Biotechnologies

VIRB - Vir Biotechnology Inc.


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